History Timeline

The Chicano history timeline shown below is courtesy of
Nancy Tovar


The United Farm Workers Organizing Committee in California, began as an

independent organization led by Cesar Chavez


In Crystal City, Texas the Political Association of Spanish Speaking

Organizations (PASO) and local Teamsters (mostly Mexican Americans) unite to take

over the city council for 2 years

October 8, 1963

La Alianza Federal de Mercedes (The Federal Land Grant Alliance) is

incorporated by Reies Lopez Tijerina

1964   Vietnam War begins

1965   Vietnam War continues


Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales is appointed director of Denver’s War on Poverty

September 16, 1965

The National Farm Workers Association led by Cesar Chavez and Dolores

Huerta meet in a Delano church hall and vote to join the Agricultural Workers

Organizing Committee strike – the strike of the grape pickers

1966   Vietnam War continues


Rodolfo Acuna starts teaching the first Mexican American history class at

San Fernando Valley State College, Los Angeles, California

March 17 – April 11, 1966

Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Workers Association march from Delano to


March 28, 1966

The "guarache-out" by 50 Chicanos at the Equal Employment Opportunity

Commission workshop in Albuquerque, New Mexico

April, 1966

The founding of the Crusade for Justice by Corky Gonzales, growing out of a

protest against the tactics of the administration of the city of Denver,


June, 1966

Farm Worker solidarity march from the Rio Grande to Austin, Texas

1967   Vietnam War continues


   "I am Joaquin" by Rodolfo Gonzales is published

May, 1967

MAYO (Mexican American Youth Organization) is founded by Jose Angel


June 5, 1967

The Rio Arriba County Courthouse in Tierra Amarilla raided by Tijerina and

the Alianza Federal de Pueblos Libres, in Northern New Mexico

October 21 – 22, 1967

The Alianza Federal de Pueblos Libres national convention held in

Albuquerque, New Mexico, organized by Tijerina. The idea for La Raza Unida is


October 28, 1967

   La Raza Unida Party organized at conference in El Paso, Texas

December, 1967

   Brown Berets founded in East Los Angeles by David Sanchez

   La Piranya coffee shop opened

December 27, 1967

More than 100 Chicanos demonstrate at the East Los Angeles Sheriff’s

sub-station against police brutality

1968   Vietnam War continues

February 15, 1968

   Cesar Chavez begins a 25 day fast

February 25, 1968

Convention of Congress of Mexican American Unity at Roosevelt High School,

Los Angeles – 550 delegates

Spring, 1968

   UMAS Conference at UCLA

Spring, 1968

Chicano students on California college campuses walk-out

March 1, 1968

Chicano student walk-out, Wilson High School, Los Angeles – 300 students

March 5, 1968

Chicano student walk-out, Garfield High School, Los Angeles – 2000 students

March 6, 1968

Chicano student walk-outs, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Garfield High School, Los

Angeles – 4500 students

March 7, 1968

Chicano student walk-outs, Belmont and Garfield High School, Los Angeles

2000 students

March 8, 1968

Chicano student walk-outs, Lincoln, Roosevelt and Garfield High School, Los

Angeles – Rally at Hazard Park - 2000 students

March 7, 1969? 68?

   Demonstration in front of Hollenbeck Police station, East Los Angeles

March 10 – 11, 1968

   Cesar Chavez breaks his fast at a mass in Delano, California

March 20, 1968

   Chicano student walk-out – Denver, Colorado

April 9, 1968

700 Chicano students walk-out of Lanier High School in San Antonio, Texas.

600 more walk-out from Edgewood High School

May 27, 1968

East Los Angeles 13 indicted for conspiring to disrupt the Los Angeles

public schools

May – June, 1968

   Poor Peoples March

June, 1968

East Los Angeles native Jose Sanchez, 19, is the first Chicano to publicly

resist the military draft

June, 1968

Chicano students at San Jose State College hold a separate commencement

September, 1968

   Jesus Dominguez brutalized by the Los Angeles Police Department

September 26 – October 2, 1968

Chicanos sit-in at the Los Angeles Unified School District Board of


October 3, 1968

   Massacre at Plaza of the Three Cultures (Tlatelolco), Mexico City

November 4, 1968

Rosalio Munoz elected UCLA student body president in special run-off


1969 Vietnam War continues

Spring, 1969

   Chicano student walk-out – Kingsville, Texas

March 27 – 31, 1969

First National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference sponsored by the Crusade

for Justice, Denver, Colorado – 1500 youth

Celebrated "the new nation of Aztlan"

March, 1969

   Corky Gonzales arrested

March, 1969

   Rally protesting the ouster of VISTA workers in Del Rio

April 24, 1969

   Biltmore Hotel, Nuevas Vistas Conference

Speech given by Gov. Reagan at the Biltmore Hotel results in 6 Chicanos

(The Biltmore 6) being accused of arson and cutting electric wires during the


June 11, 1969

   Reies Lopez Tijerina jailed

Fall 1969

   Chicano student walk-outs – Abilene,Texas

September 16, 1969

Rosalio Munoz refused induction into the army initiating the National

Chicano draft resistance movement

Accused the U.S. of genocide against Mexican Americans

Early October, 1969

   Rosalio Munoz draft board hearing – "an illegal hearing"

October, 1969

"Chale con el Draft" a 12 minute documentary on Rosalio Munoz’s anti-draft

demonstration produced by Neil Reichline, former UCLA Daily Bruin editor

November 12, 1969

Rosalio Munoz starts fast "as a symbol of his devotion to his cause"

November 14, 1969

   Nationwide anti-war demonstration held in San Francisco

November 15, 1969

   1 st Chicano Moratorium held in McAllen, Texas

November 18, 1969

Rosalio Munoz publicly refused induction into the military service for 2nd


November 28, 1969

All New Mexico wide Chicano Conference held in Albuquerque, NM. Rosalio

Munoz and Bob Elias speak against the draft and war

December, 1969

   Moratorium Day – San Francisco

December, 1969

   Rosalio Munoz meets with Mario Obledo

December, 1969

   Workshop at MAYO Conference in La Mission, Texas.

   Carlos Caldera of Houston, Texas joins national moratorium organizing effort

December 7, 1969

Demonstration at St. Basil’s Catholic Cathedral, by Catolicos por la Raza,

Los Angeles

December 7, 1969

   Denver Anti-draft Conference with Crusade for Justice

December 10, 1969 - January 5, 1970

   Chicano student walk-out – Crystal City, Texas

December 20, 1969

1st East Los Angeles Moratorium March and rally starting at 5 Points

Memorial Monument to Obregon Park with 2000 people

December 24, 1969

Protest by Catolicos por la Raza at St. Basil’s Catholic Cathedral against

the racist, unresponsive Catholic Church system

1970   Vietnam War continues


Las Adelitas, an East Los Angeles women’s group, formed


La Raza Unida Party was organized


6 "suicides" at ELA sheriffs station

   10 "suicides" by Hollenbeck police in past 5 years

January 11, 1970

   Chicano Civil Rights Rally at Lincoln High School auditorium, Los


January 31, 1970

   Chicano Moratorium March in San Bernardino, California

February 28, 1970

"March in the Rain" The 2 nd Chicano Moratorium Anti-war March and Rally

demonstration at Laguna Park- 6000 people

February, 1970

Channel 28 (KCET), Los Angeles) airs documentary of "March in the Rain"

March, 1970

KMEX (Spanish language TV station Channel 34) news director, Ruben Salazar, aired film footage of police beating students

March, 1970

Roosevelt High School, Los Angeles and Huntington Park, California school


March, 1970

Raza Freedom School started in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles

March 1, 1970

   Anti-war conference at Euclid Community Center, East Los Angeles

March 25 - 29, 1970

2 nd National Chicano Youth Liberation Conference held in Denver, Colorado

– 3000 people

April and early May, 1970

   Chicano Moratoriums in Riverside/Austin, Texas

April 4, 1970

   Chicano Moratorium in Fresno, California

May 2, 1970

   Raza Unida Party nominating convention

May 3, 1970

   Anti-war march in San Juan, Puerto Rico

May 5, 1970

   Chicano Moratorium in Sacramento, California

May 5, 1970

Moratorium speakers at MECHA community festivities all over Southern


May 8, 1970

   Anti-war march at University of New Mexico

May 13, 1970

Oakland, California – 1000 students

   walked out of school to protest the war

May 16, 1970

   First Colorado La Raza Unida meeting. Corky Gonzales elected state


May 30, 1970

4 Moratoriums held against the war and for the struggle for social justice

   San Francisco/San Diego/Santa Barbara/San Antonio, Texas

July 1, 1970

   Violent confrontation with Sheriff’s Station in East Los Angeles

July 4, 1970

   Protest rally, East Los Angeles

After the rally there were numerous confrontations with the ELA sheriffs in

the month of July

July 16, 1970

Sanchez brothers, Guillermo and Gilardo Beltran shot and killed by police


July 26, 1970

   Chicano Moratorium March in Houston, Texas - 5000 people

Also East Oakland

August 1, 1970

   Chicano Moratorium Picnic at Lueders Park, East Los Angeles

August 17, 1970

Los Angeles City councilman Art Snyder made a citizens arrest on Sergio

Cabanillas, Patricia Borjon and Raul Ruiz

August 22, 1970

Chicano Moratorium Marches in New York/Albuquerque/El Paso/San

Diego/Washington DC/San Fernando/Pomona/Stockton/Coachella

*Saturday, August 29, 1970

National Chicano Moratorium Committee protest against the Vietnam war.

25,000 people march from Belvedere Park to Laguna Park, East Los Angeles

Ruben Salazar, Lynn Ward and Angel Diaz killed

August 31, 1970

Federal Grand Jury indicts Rosalio Munoz for draft evasion

Fall, 1970

U.S.Attorney Meyers indicts police for Sanchez brothers killings – the case

was later dropped when the Nixon administration forced Meyers’ resignation.

September 1, 1970

   Wake for Ruben Salazar at Bagues Mortuary, East Los Angeles

September 13, 1970

Protest demonstration at St. Basil’s Catholic Cathedral by Católicos por la

Raza, Los Angeles

September 16, 1970

   Mexican Independence Day

   Parade and Rally with Chicano Moratorium Committee

September 19, 1970

   Anti-war Demonstration in Oxnard, California

September 10 – October 5, 1970

Salazar Inquest

October 7, 1970

Student walk-out in East Chicago, Indiana by more than 600 Chicano students

October 27, 1970

   Pit River Challenge

November 13, 1970

   Trial of Corky Gonzales begun in Los Angeles

   Police raid Chicano Moratorium office in East Los Angeles

November 28, 1970

9 Chicanos arrested driving away from Chicano Moratorium office in East Los


December 1970

   Chicano Moratorium office in East Los Angeles closed

December 1970?

Protest at Southwest Museum, Los Angeles, to end inhumane and racist


1971   Vietnam War continues

Early 1971

Fresno Chicano Moratorium March – 1000 people

January 9, 1971

Mass demonstration and march to protest police harassment from Hollenbeck

Station to Parker Center, Downtown Los Angeles. People attacked by police and

arrested - 2000 people

January 31, 1971

Chicano Moratorium Marcha por Justicia and Rally from all over Southern

California against police brutality to Belvedere Park, East Los Angeles –

10,000 people

   European immigrant, Gustav Montag, shot and killed by police, 35 wounded

February 27, 1971

   Marcha por Justicia – Albuquerque, New Mexico – 400+ people

February 27, 1971

   1 st La Raza Unida Conference – Cal State, Los Angeles

May 5 - August 9, 1971

Marcha de la Reconquista from Calexico to Sacramento to protest police

brutality, war, cutbacks

May 8, 1971

   Chicana Regional conference

May 28 – 30, 1971

   National Chicana Conference, Houston, Texas. 600+ Chicanas attend

1972   Vietnam War continues

February, 1972

Rosalio Munoz acquitted of draft evasion. The government guilty of

political denial of due process

February 12, 1972

The United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC) charters the United

Farm Workers (UFW), AFL-CIO

February 25, 1972

Robertson High School and Junior High in East Las Vegas walk-out – 250

Chicano students

March 7 – 10, 1972

Junior and senior high Chicano students walk-out, Las Cruces, New Mexico

-1000 students

March 9, 1972

Moratorium march in Salt Lake City, Utah to protest police shooting of 2

Chicano brothers, Antonio and Rito – 200 people

1973 Vietnam War continues

1974 Vietnam War continues

April, 1975

Vietnam War ends

   North Vietnamese seize Saigon



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